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Building the dream

A dream can not be built alone. Therefore, our team is taking on challenges from established and valued organisations. We believe this will guide our team on a sustainable and well thought path, step by step ...

Challenge us or help us overcome challenges!

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Our team is looking for stakeholders whom we are able to help in their process. Stakeholders is a very broad term and could be the following:  customers, suppliers, investors, agencies, ...


Efficient PV

In order to progress, we would like to create a first prototype with a  thermo-photo-voltaic (TPV), concentrator-photo-voltaic (CPV), and others... Guide us towards a valuable solution and become a sustainable partner.



Inflatable deployable systems

One of the critical challenges for Paraloon is the design of an inflatable system which can deploy the structure in space. We are looking for a durable solution. Guide us towards a valuable solution and become a sustainable partner.


Labs and facilities

Our team is searching for laboratory facilities and a partner with years of experience in space industries to work on this European dream. Ideally, in an established environment where we can learn from the expertise and previous missions. Our team has benefitted from Europes education programs and gained work experience that we hope can become valuable for our partners through cross-pollination during activities.

Basic needs: Electrical measurement devices, heat sources, optical equipment such as mirrors, parabolic structure and space materials knowledge.

Advanced needs, which could be external facilities: radiation test for materials.





At this point in time, our motivated team members work on these challenges next to their daily activities, jobs, studies and doctoral programmes.


An investor or person with an abundant financial capacity who would like to contribute to a more sustainable world and loves new technologies could partner up with us and build on the dream. 

Our team members would love to work full-time on this challanges. Providing basic salaries to our motivated team-members could create the space in their daily lives to grow and develop the sustainable system in a fraction of the time.

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