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Building the dream

A dream can not be built alone. Therefore, our team is taking on challenges from established and valued organisations. We believe this will guide our team on a sustainable and well thought path, step by step ...

Challenge us or help us overcome challenges!

Our team has the pleasure of being part of the ANSYS startup program. Ansys provides our team with high-end simulation software and access to the ANSYS learning hub to simulate this system.

Are you a you an scientist, engineer or student  that is not afraid of diving into the deep and driven to explore new possibilities in this unknown field, please reach out and thanks to ANSYS you might have the possibility to learn to work with this high end software and help us explore parts of a possible future...


Currently our team is working on the following topics:
- Optical focal point simulation.
- Thermal simulation.
- Orbit determination with STK.

The simulations will be verified with the practical test setup in order to be able to reliably scale it for a possible future system.


Do you feel triggered by one of these topics and are willing to learn more?

Our startup can not offer a salary but can offer you the chance to learn a sophisticated simulation software named "ANSYS" and could provide you the opportunity to learn something now every day in your side project next to work.


ParaLoon could provide a challenge to tackle in collaboration with your school in the form of a thesis.

Join us and learn something from the opportunity that ANSYS provides us!

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 18.25.10.png

Efficient PV

In order to progress, we would like to create a first prototype with a  thermo-photo-voltaic (TPV), concentrator-photo-voltaic (CPV), and others... We would like to test different technologies that can convert solar power and heat to electricity.

We hope to find a low maintenace solution with a minimal on moving parts that withstands high temperatures.


Inflatable deployable systems

One of the critical challenges for Paraloon is the design of an inflatable system which can deploy the structure in space. We are looking for a durable solution. The inflatable system can reduce the bounding box and mass at launch to bring the system cost effectivly in orbit while creating a big surface once inflating. Since the sun brings approximatly 1200 kW/m2 in orbit, creating a masive surface is key. Inflation of a kite for kitesurfing is the inspired us to design this structure.

Do you have the ability to manufature kites or light weight inflatable structures? Please contact us and join hands! 

Labs and facilities

Our team is searching for laboratory facilities and a partner with years of experience in space industries to work on this European dream. Ideally, in an established environment where we can learn from the experiance of previous missions. Our team has benefitted from Europes education programs and gained work experience that we hope can become valuable for our partners through cross-pollination during activities.

Basic needs: Electrical measurement devices, heat sources, optical equipment such as mirrors, parabolic structure and space materials knowledge.

Advanced needs, which could be external facilities: radiation test for materials.


Long term investors

At this point in time, our motivated team members work on these challenges next to their daily activities, jobs, studies and doctoral programmes.


An investor or person with an abundant financial capacity and a heart for inovation, a green and peacefull future who would like to contribute to a more sustainable world and loves new technologies could partner up with us and build on our dream. 

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