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Student project: Science is serious fun!

Project type

Creation of a test setup with students




Essen, Belgium

During our Journey, a cross-pollination appeared with the student and workforce from Mariaberg school in Essen. The students learned how much solar energy in a certain amount of time it takes to heat up a litre of water into the focal point of the parabolic dish.

In class, hand calculations have been made and the students created a test setup with a parabolic dish where the theory was tested within the real world. Students learned to create temperature measurements with the sensors and Arduino. They joined hands and each student brought his/her own talent to the project.

Safety first! Sunglasses were very important while working on the dish.

And yes, science is serious fun! On Mariaberg's open day, the students have baked pancakes into the focal point for the visitors to inspiring future students and of course, just to enjoy a nice pancake in the sun.

We are very grateful for the support of the direction, the students and Patrick the handyman!

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