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NSE Expoforum DEC 2022 - pitch competition

Project type

New Space Economy, pitch competition.


December 2022


Rome, Italy

We are under the 6 finalists of over 40 European space-tech startups.

We are grateful for this movement and the valuable connections and opportunities that came from this challenge.

Space Economy European Expoforum (NSE). NSE offers a yearly outlook on the most interesting trends of the evolution of the Space sector and gathers visitors, participants, public and private stakeholders and international organizations in a global dynamic format which brings Space down to Earth as an enabling tool for everyday life.
New space economy represents a radical change of paradigm that transforms Space into the most complete sector in service of society while also acting as a driver for innovation, training and new qualified areas of work. It involves a transversal evolution of all the traditional productive segments functional to the great global challenges.
In particular, NSE 2022 will tackle Sustainability with a rich programme of plenaries, highlight lectures, workshops, interactive exhibitions, challenges and awards. In the space sector the future is today.

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