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Course: Space Entrepreneurship by EIIS

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13 Jan 2022 until July 2022.
In September 2022 the team visited AIRBUS - energy beaming test facility.


Online (from Rome)

All 5 co-founders are alumni of the Space Entrepreneurship course organised by the European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability in collaboration with AIRBUS.

The team members met each other in the cours "Space entrepreneurship" organized by the European Institute for Innovation and Sustainability.

This was a challenge based course: the challenge was given by Airbus.

The ParaLoon leadership team consists of 5 diverse members with strong technical educations including PhDs and leadership experience, from a variety of fields. The team met during a 6-month Space Entrepreneurship program organized by the EIIS in collaboration with Airbus where they actively engaged with industry leaders.

Our slogan: Team work makes the dream work!

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